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The entire square footage of the home must be selected when using this booking form and the scope of the work is to clean the home based on the items on our checklist. Please call us if you would like to book a custom hourly service, such as partial cleaning, large or extra dirty homes. We are unable to perform an initial walk-through to verify the size and condition of the home prior to service; therefore, our prices are based on standard assumptions of levels of cleanliness and the amount of effort required to clean your home. We estimate a specific number of hours for the service based on the information that is provided to us, and if we are unable to complete the work in the estimated amount of time then you will have the option to pay for extra time at our regular hourly rate or provide us with a list of priorities that you would like us to complete in the time we have available. We place a hold on the credit card the day before the service, but this hold is not a charge. Payment is due after the service is complete and we will send you a receipt by email. We accept credit cards only and are unable to accept cash or checks for payment. A $100 fee will be required for any changes or cancellations less than 48 hours before scheduled service or in the event that we are unable to access the home at the scheduled time of service.

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